Gip’s Manufacturing Company

June 25, 2009

Wellness Summary

The Profile

Gip’s Manufacturing Company is a contract maker of men’s and women’s clothing based in Northern Georgia. It’s aging female workforce always sits at the work station. The upper limbs constitute the priority work muscles, however all operators use a foot pedal. Each operator performs short, repetitive tasks. Individual speed is important because the team of workers are paid solely by production incentives.

The Procedure

A 30 day Stick To Wellness evaluation commenced on August 18, 1997. Concepts and protocols were explained to the eleven participating workers, who were selected by the company. The McGill Pain Questionnaire was completed by each participant. The group was advised that a second identical questionnaire would be expected upon completion of the evaluation period. Stick To Wellness exercises were explained and demonstrated with emphasis placed on priority muscle groups.

The Protocol

Gip’s Manufacturing Company provided each participant with an Industrial Intracell Stick used to perform Stick To Wellness exercises. The company allowed each worker to independently perform the exercises at individual work stations. Each worker was encouraged to perform the exercises each morning immediately before work commenced and, again, following the lunch period. A shorter exercise period was allowed during mid-morning and mid-afternoon work breaks. The total 4 periods of Stick To Wellness exercises amounted to 6 minutes. Company officials strongly urged the participants to continue Stick To Wellness exercises at home.

The Findings

A second McGill Questionnaire was completed on September 23, 1997. The findings documented a cumulative 54% decrease in the initial pain rating index. Concurrently a Stick To Wellness evaluation form was completed by each participant. According to the response, 100% of the workers followed Stick To Wellness exercises both at work and at home. A total of 91% stated that they felt less tired and sore at the end of the work day. Those wanting more time to perform the exercises at work numbered 73%, and 91% preferred to make the Stick To Wellness exercises part of their permanent work routine.


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