Our passion is to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to release the quality and quantity of bodily motion.

The Stick is the Original – Don’t Fall for Imitators

We’ve been refining and perfecting the design of The Stick for the better part of three decades now. The original massage roller has millions of fans all over the world, ranging from weekend warriors and everyday people to the most elite and highly-paid professional athletes in the world. Here’s why.

Company History
RPI of Atlanta Inc. is the manufacturer and patent holder of the various muscle devices and body tools that you are about to review.

Intracell • The Stick • TriggerWheel • RxMD are registered trademarks of RPI of Atlanta.

Initial research commenced in 1989 and the product was introduced in 1991. During the two plus years of clinical research, numerous anecdotal studies revealed exciting discoveries in the field of muscle strength, flexibility and endurance.