FSU Study on Flexibility, Power, and Speed

June 25, 2009

The Effects of a Flexibility Enhancement Program on Athletic Performance Brian-Matthew Hickey, PhD Florida State University © 2000 Abstract When examining the critical factors that contribute to high level athletic performance, flexibility is one of the key items. It has been hypothesized that improving an athlete’s flexibility may allow them to be more successful in […]

Intracell – Instrument of Choice in the Management of Myofascial Back Pain

June 25, 2009

A Clinical Study ABSTRACT Objective: The Intracell is a timely device that purports to decrease trigger point pain and sensitivity. Therefore the objective was to find an answer to the question, “Can the Intracell significantly reduce trigger point pain and sensitivity in patients who suffer with trigger points?” Design: A convenience sample of 20 subjects, […]

Intracell Technology Increases Grip Strength

June 25, 2009

Andrew S Bonci, BA, DC, DAAPM Human Performance Laboratory Mission, Kansas Abstract This is an initial study designed to determine if Intracell Technology, which employs the application of a novel device called the Intracell, can immediately increase grip strength. It has been suggested that stretching muscle tissue can result in increased strength according to the […]

FSU Foot Wheel Study

June 25, 2009

THE FOOT WHEEL – A Pilot Study Brian M. Hickey, Ph.D. The Florida State University,  College of Education Introduction The foot is the foundation of the human body. Only spanning approximately 12 inches, its key responsibilities include bearing the body’s entire weight and acting as both fulcrum and lever during the gait cycle. Consequently, a […]

Modulation of Muscle Pain and Tissue Compliance

July 26, 2006

Modulation of Muscle Pain and Tissue Compliance by Means of the ROM Device: [Intracell Stick]: Pilot Study / DOD By Andrew S. Bonci ABSTRACT Muscles that lack flexibility exhibit the following features. They lack compliance and resiliency and are more susceptible to injury and pain. Flexibility training is intended to maintain an adequate level of […]

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