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Intracell - The Stick

  • Most Innovative New Product Medtrade NHHCE, (World's Largest Medical Trade Exposition)
  • Best Biomechanical Device (1994, 1995 1998) Recognized & presented by Nutritional Biomechanics
  • Selected as an official training device at the 96' US Olympic Trials for Track & Field
  • A charter invitee to the Membership Benefits Program of the USA Track & Field combine
  • "Editor's Choice Award" for 2000 . . . DC Products Review


While the world focused on . . . the U.S. Postal Service team during the 2002 Tour de France, the team was looking toward a person whose work was seen by few. Jeff Spencer was officially listed as the Postal team’s chiropractor, a job that requires attending to the various aches, pains and injuries incurred by riders during every stage of the Tour. Spencer is the team’s own special sauce . . . he uses The Stick.Read the full story by Rex Reese here.
From Lake Tahoe to Auburn, California The Western States “100 Mile – One Day” Ride, the Ironman for horses….Thirty-five miles into the race, and my boys had come to the first Vet Check….It was here that we first heard of “The Stick.” A dear friend recommended that we use it….and the results were unbelievable….Astounded at how well Huckleberry moved out I was presented with the question, “What’s your secret?” I shook my head, “This funny Stick thing. It’s amazing!”

We now treat our animals with what we call “Stick Therapy.” We would recommend The Stick to anyone for use on their animals or themselves to prevent injury or for a quicker recovery.

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The Stick is just like an American Express Card. . .
I never go to the football field without it.

Lawrence Taylor
Hall of Fame Inductee
New York Giants