Muscle Tests

Testing Flexibility

Step 1.

The subject stands erect and rotates their head to the right and left as far as possible WITHOUT moving the shoulders. Both parties verify the side of restricted neck rotation.

Have the subject expose the upper back muscles by slouching forward at the waist.  The head drops forward and the arms hang limp while crossed at the wrists.


Step 2.

The tester holds the Intracell Stick by the spindles, not the handles.  GENTLY roll up and down between the shoulder blade and spine on the side of limited motion. Use short back and forth strokes over these very tender muscles.

Spend an extra 10 seconds on obvious trigger points.

Roll deeper only with permission from the subject. Approximately 60 seconds will complete the test.

Repeat Step 1 to verify increased freedom of neck rotation.

Testing Strength

Step 1.

Use a grip strength dynamometer to document strength. If none is available have the subject hold an extended hand, palm up, opposing the tip of their little finger against the tip of their thumb – forming a circle.

The tester now hooks their first finger of both hands into the circle, and SLOWLY increases pressure against full resistance from the subject. Repeat 2 or 3 times so both parties can document the exhibited strength of the test subject.

Step 2.

The subject now takes the Intracell Stick and for about 60 seconds makes several gradually deeper, short passes over the inside of the forearm, from wrist to elbow. If trigger points are found, then roll back and forth about 10 additional seconds over the knots. KEEP MUSCLES RELAXED.

Compare original testing steps to verify increased strength.