Stick Insider RPI of Atlanta Intracell The Stick Detailed Instructions for The Stick

The Stick Instructional Sheet & Videos Wondering how you can use The Stick to roll knots out of your muscles? Inactivate trigger points? Warm your muscles and increase circulation? The Stick relieves pain, increases range of motion, promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery. For detailed instructions for the correct use of The Stick, click here for our […]

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Sport Insider RPI of Atlanta Intracell The Stick News – Videos

The following includes news and videos that mention The Stick: Source “Connect Club Run” review of The Stick: “One of our favorite things about a long run or hard workout is coming home and getting to use The Stick. Our friends from the makers of The Stick were kind enough to send us one of […]

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Health Insider RPI of Atlanta Intracell The Stick Top Massage Tools 2015 – Posture Curve

According to a candid review by Kathleen Crandall on March 11, 2015, the Posture Curve is one of the Top 5 Massage Tools of 2015. The following is an excerpt of her article on exercise equipment, fitness, massage, and related topics. Also, below you’ll find a link to the complete article: Posture Curve “As I’m writing […]

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