Sport Model Descriptions

The Stick® is offered in various sizes because muscles come in different sizes.  Basically the models are listed by length in large, medium and small sizes.  Each of the three length categories features a stiff, standard or flexible model.  The more flexible the model the softer and more gentle it feels on your muscles.  The stiff models are used on more dense body mass and when deep, firm release is desired or recommended. For more information, visit our Catalog page here.

Example: An Olympic weightlifter would choose the Big Stick while a world-class distance runner would prefer the Marathon model.  In the middle of these two extremes is our #1 best-seller, the Original Body Stick.

* * Systems & Long Models * *

Pro-SystemThe Stick Pro System SPS-5000 • 4 lb

Is the choice of professional, elite, and world-class athletes. Primarily designed for individuals over 6 ft tall and weigh over 180 lb. The system includes: Power Stick, Sprinter Stick, TriggerWheel, FootWheel and 20 min instructional video.

Fitness-SystemThe Stick Fitness System SFS-4000 • 3 lb

Selected to accommodate the average size male/female under 180 lb and under 6’ tall. The System provides to total management of every major muscle group. The video instructs in the numerous techniques. The system includes: Original Body Stick, Marathon Stick, TriggerWheel, FootWheel and instructional video.

DC-3000The Big Stick  DC-3000  • 30” • stiff • 21 oz • Gray Grips

A favorite of weight lifters, body builders, football players, and others who aspire to muscle madness … endorsed by Senior International USA Weightlifting Coach, Mike Burgener . . . This is the biggest, meanest Stick made.

DC-2700Power Stick  DC-2700 • 27” • standard • 18 oz • Black Grips/Red Accent

Standard flexibility in the long group … it is the model chosen for use in the Stick to Wellness Program and is the model of choice in the Pro System for advanced muscle management. Featured on the Today Show.

HD-2650Flex Stick HD-2650 • 26” • 14 oz • Green Grips

Most flexible of the long models . . . It is well suited for those with lean body mass or limited range of motion to the upper limbs.

* * Medium Models * *

DC-2475Stiff Stick DC-2475 • 24” • stiff • 18 oz • Black Grips

Most rigid of the medium models . . . It offers deep penetration into heavy muscle mass . . . often used to elevate performance during resistance training. Preferred model of the NFL.

HD-2400Original Body Stick HD-2400 • 24” • standard • 14 oz • Blue Grips

Preferred model for the average sized male/female. It is less rigid than the Stiff Stick . . . The Body Stick has been favorably reviewed in numerous newspapers, magazines and on TV, including USA Today, HBO, Tennis and Golf Channels.

HW-2300Hybrid Stick HW-2300 • 23” • flexible • 14 oz • Red Grips with Red Pressure-Point Wheel

It was crafted to serve a dual purpose. The standard spindles are used to warm and loosen the target muscles. Deeper and well-localized usage is best performed by the center wheel. The Los Angeles Times calls it “The Granddaddy of Recovery.”

* * Short Models & Specialty Items * *

SG-1900G-1900-2_rpiSprinter Stick SG-1900 • 19” • stiff • 12 oz • Silver/red Grips

Most rigid of the small models . . . A favorite of certified and personal athletic trainers for applied myofascial release . . A great model for unassisted use on muscular lower limbs.

Color Choice: Silver/Red … Fuchsia/Purple

G-1750Travel Stick G-1750 • standard • 9 oz • Red Grips

Popularized by the USA Cycling Team . . . It is a favorite model for many athletes during travel. Like all the small models, the Travel Stick is more suited for the lower legs.

SG-2000Marathon Stick SG-2000 • flexible • 11 oz • Yellow Grips

The most flexible of the small models . . . It was popularized by world-class distance runners. This is the favorite model of Bob Anderson, world’s foremost authority on stretching, and author of the best-seller, Stretching.

Little StickLittle Stick KB-1000 • 9 oz • Green Grip

The shortest 2-handled model available … it is ideal for muscle management of the grade-school youngster. Its small size makes this model highly effective for management of growing pains.

FootWheelFootWheel® FW-400 • 6 oz • Black/White

The FootWheel provides the many documented benefits of trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Its purpose is to stretch and relax the plantar fascia (bottom of the foot) and extinguish myofascial trigger points. The FootWheel is successfully used in the musculotendinous therapy of plantar fasciitis.

TriggerWheelTriggerWheel® TW-500 • 8 oz • Black Grip

The TriggerWheel performs trigger point therapy and myofascial release. It is especially effective at myotendon and bony junctions. Use the TriggerWheel to replace the thumb around small, difficult areas like the TMJ, occipital ridge, trapezius, parascapular, pectorals, elbow, wrist, knee, ankle. The TriggerWheel locates trigger points the way an automobile discovers a speed breaker. Once the trigger point is located, a gradually deeper back & forth rolling pressure releases the reflex mechanism – and the contracted muscle relaxes. When muscle is relaxed it physiologically feels better, works harder, has greater endurance, and recovers faster.

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