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The Stick frequently appears in numerous media outlets such as the following examples.

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May 2009 - Dance Magazine - The Stick

May 2009 issue of Dance Magazine

“The gear you need to get the body of your dreams.”

“Self-massage helps relieve muscle knots – The Stick.”

Road Bike Action Magazine Jan-Feb 2009

Jan-Feb 2009 issue of Road Bike Action Magazine, Lance Armstrong’s Dr. Jeff Spencer, discusses use of The Stick:

“The Stick increases the quality of connective tissue.”

“On the recovery side there are things that I would suggest such as [The] Stick. This a vital device that is very cost effective and one of the most important things that a person can do . . . passively elongates muscles, it helps drop the general tone of the body so that it can recover much better.”

The review was written by Lisa De Speville, Runner’s World Gear Editor:The Marathon Stick – I passed this D.I.Y. massage tool on to a sporty friend, who used it over a few weeks. She worked for a time in sports therapy and says, “Really convenient and probably one of the best self-massaging techniques. It also was great when working on another person-the length was good for covering a larger area with each motion”.
(Full RW Gear review article is here; PDF file)
Running Times Sept 2009 - The Stick “Known as the “toothbrush for muscles,” the original Body Stick has long been a staple for runners to use alone or with a partner. The semi-flexible rod with segmented rotating one-inch beads works to flush the muscles by compressing and stretching to increase circulation and decrease muscle stiffness. The soft-tissue manipulation works at the intracellular level, warming muscles, lengthening isolated muscle segments that can become chronically shortened, as well as clearing accumulated stress by helping to release what are known as “barrier trigger points” or knotted bands of muscle.” (Running Times, Sept. 2009)
“The Stick is extremely useful in soothing tired muscles.”
“The Stick brought a level of relief that was amazing.”
“The Body Stick works much like a hour-long massage.”
“Use the Stick before a race to give you added speed.”

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