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“Like a massage, The Stick increases blood flow and releases knots.”
Reviewed by the Sports Medicine Council of British Columbia
“In less than a minute [The Stick] erased the knots in my neck”
“The Stick is an amazingly effective instrument for promoting flexibility.”
Editor’s Note: “This is truly my favorite training product of all time!”
“The Stick is becoming increasingly popular with those who suffer from repetitive motion injuries.”
“I generally don’t promote fitness products,” Mr. Ramsbottom says, “but something I’ve found beneficial is a tool called The Stick.” A plastic rod surrounded by spindles that roll over muscles, The Stick helps improve circulation and flexibility. Mr. Ramsbottom says using the tool will free up tightened tissues.
“…we won another National championship. The Stick helped me through another one.”

–Jerry Kukurda, middle blocker for The Kings Mountain Fog team that won the gold medal in the men’s 50 and over division at the U.S. Open Volleyball Championships.

“Known as the “toothbrush for muscles”, the original Body Stick has long been a staple for runners to use alone or with a partner. The semi-flexible rod with segmented rotating one-inch beads works to flush the muscles by compressing and stretching to increase circulation and decrease muscle stiffness. The soft-tissue manipulation works at the intracellular level, warming muscles, lengthening isolated muscle segments that can become chronically shortened, as well as clearing accumulated stress by helping to release what are known as “barrier trigger points” or knotted bands of muscle.”

–Adam W. Chase for Running Times, Sept. 2009

“We have all hit that proverbial wall or sticking point in our training. No pun intended on the latter, but get past that with The Stick, which is a device used to segmentally compress and stretch muscle…

…You know you’re doing something right when the United States Olympic Training Centers in four states (Colorado, New York, Michigan and California) are using The Stick as a training tool.”

–Joe Pietaro for MuscleSport Magazine, Oct. 2009

sept-0ct-09 “If you haven’t gotten your hands on the The Stick yet, go to your nearest specialty running store and give it a whirl…depending on your needs, The Marathon Stick or The Sprinter Stick will appeal. The Stick is a great accessory for both injury prevention and recovery. “

–Mackenzie Lobby for RunMinnesota, Sept/Oct 2009