Detailed Instructions for The Stick

March 22, 2016

The Stick Instructional Sheet & Videos Wondering how you can use The Stick to roll knots out of your muscles? Inactivate trigger points? Warm your muscles and increase circulation? The Stick relieves pain, increases range of motion, promotes flexibility and accelerates recovery. For detailed instructions for the correct use of The Stick, click here for our […]

The Original – Don’t Fall for Imitators

July 27, 2015

  Why The Stick is still the best massage roller. We’ve been refining and perfecting the design of The Stick for the better part of three decades now. The original massage roller has millions of fans all over the world, ranging from weekend warriors and everyday people to the most elite and highly-paid professional athletes […]

Top Massage Tools 2015 – Posture Curve

March 19, 2015

According to a candid review by Kathleen Crandall on March 11, 2015, the Posture Curve is one of the Top 5 Massage Tools of 2015. The following is an excerpt of her article on exercise equipment, fitness, massage, and related topics. Also, below you’ll find a link to the complete article: Posture Curve “As I’m writing […]

The Stick Recent Mentions

November 7, 2014

We appreciate all of the attention The Stick gets in the media. Here are two more for those interested: SOURCES: Queens Chronicle and Brooklyn Fans: In my opinion, the most important booth at the Marathon Expo didn’t belong to an apparel manufacturer but rather to Atlanta-based Intracell Technology, which was selling “The Stick” ( The […]

News – Videos

October 9, 2014

The following includes news and videos that mention The Stick: Source “Connect Club Run” review of The Stick: “One of our favorite things about a long run or hard workout is coming home and getting to use The Stick. Our friends from the makers of The Stick were kind enough to send us one of […]

Stick Products Secure Phthalate-Free Status

June 26, 2013

Effective 5/17/2011, the SGS Laboratories approved Stick products as related to the requirements of phthalate-free substances stated in California Proposition 65. The attachment includes 3 pages with additional details.

Top 50 Award - Rehab and Therapy Products Review - The Stick

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