The Stick has become a standard training device at each level of every sport. Pre-activity stretching of muscle, without hyper-extending the joint, is a benefit beyond measure in certain sports. Post-activity use of the Stick enhances and accelerates muscle recovery, which leads to elevation of performance. Professionals report that strength , flexibility, and endurance occur naturally with release of the myofascia and inactivation of offending trigger points.

The StickĀ® is offered in various sizes because muscles come in different sizes. Basically, the models are available in various lengths: large – medium – small sizes. Each of the three length categories features a stiff – standard – flexible model. The more flexible the model the softer and more gentle it feels on your muscles. The stiff models are used on more dense body mass and when deep, firm release is desired or recommended.

Example: An Olympic weightlifter would choose the Big Stick while a world-class distance runner would prefer the Marathon model. In the middle of these two extremes is our #1 best-seller, the Original Body Stick.

Additional information for our Sport products can be found on our Sport Model Descriptions page here.