CPT Codes


crosssecEach Intracell Stick is designed to locate and decongest latent trigger points with the same ease as active trigger points. Inactivation is accomplished by gently rolling the smooth, patented spindles back and forth over the tender, shortened muscle bundle. This easy-to-perform procedure rapidly relaxes the reflex mechanism that kinks the muscle bundle. The resultant myofascial release increases range of motion, relieves pain and encourages good circulation. Employ only when soft tissue procedures are indicated.

Misc Durable Med Equipment (E1399) • Manual Therapy Techniques (97140)


  • Prepares muscle tissue for additional therapeutic procedures
  • Supplants conventional and expensive modalities/procedures
  • Accurately documents offending myofascial trigger points
  • Clinically billed as 97140 [Manual Therapy Techniques]


  • Performs both general and segmental stretching procedures
  • Warms muscle without expending vital energy stores
  • Removes trigger point barriers to peak athletic performance
  • Enhances strength, flexibility and endurance


  • Allows worker to prepare muscle for activity
  • Provides unassisted stress relief without leaving work sight
  • Controls myofascial lesions associated with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Prevents repetitive strain injuries by assuming compliant muscle


  • Provides musculotendinous pain relief between therapy sessions
  • Safe, affordable, non-invasive and user friendly Illustrated prescription forms are included
  • Dispensed as E1399 [Misc Durable Med Equipment]