Intracell Therapy: An Effective Tool Against the Pain of Fibromyalgia

By Dee Clement, M Ed, MA
Exercise Physiologist

Fibromyalgia is an enigmatic pain syndrome that can severely compromise function and disrupt the quality of life. To date an etiology for this disorder has defied delineation. While research scientists struggle with this cryptic problem in the laboratory, millions of fibromyalgia patients continue to suffer awaiting an answer. Fortunately, advances in exercise science and manual medicine are evolving practical and promising solutions for the fibromyalgia patient.

Study Objectives
The Intracell is a non-motorized biomechanical, myofascial tool that has been engineered to enhance muscular blood flow and speed healing. The Intracell has proven to be highly effective in reducing pain of muscular origin. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the Intracell in reducing the pain of tender points in fibromyalgia.

Study Design
Twelve volunteers with a medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia agreed to take part in the study. Each subject submitted to pre- and post-therapeutic pressure threshold measures by means of a pressure algometer. During the interval between the pressure threshold measures, each subject self-directed Intracell Therapy to one of their forearms over a tender point. The change in pressure threshold measures was then analyzed for statistical significance.

Data Summary

Field Mean SD SEM
Age 046.80 09.94 2.870
Ht 064.10 04.29 1.240
Wt 142.25 24.02 6.930
Pre 001.23 00.53 0.153
Post 002.65 00.71 0.205

Inferential Statistics
Paired T-Test = 8.58         Degrees of Freedom = 11         P-Value = <0.01

It can be safely concluded that the stroking, massaging action in Intracell Therapy can modulate pressure threshold in the fibromyalgia patient. An immediate reduction in the intensity of fibromyalgia pain is a realistic expectation from use of the Intracell.