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June 25, 2009

Wellness Summary


This report relates to a Stick To Wellness evaluation program which occurred in a manufacturing plant in Northern Georgia. The participating facility specializes in the manufacture of Monroe automotive shock absorbers. The vast majority of workers chosen by management to participate in the study are required to stand full-time at the various work sites. Job requirements consist of a myriad of upper body movements which contain variations in lifting and weight requirements.

The Procedure

The 30 day Stick To Wellness evaluation program commenced, following an in-service which explained concepts and protocols to the assembled workers, on April 2, 1997. The workers chosen by management numbered 98 taken from two shifts of a single department. A generic Pain Index Questionnaire containing 60 questions was completed and identified with signature by each participating worker. The participants were advised that an identical questioning would follow the evaluation program.

The Protocol

The company provided each participant with an Industrial Intracell Stick designed to perform Stick To Wellness exercises. The company safety director mandated that it be used both at work and in the home. At the work station, participants were given 2 minutes of company time to address priority muscles prior to commencing each work shift. Additionally there were two 90 second, strategically assigned, periods during each work shift. Each company-timed session was performed individually without the benefit of a group leader or controlled buddy system.

The Findings

On May 2, 1997 a follow-up generic Pain Index Questionnaire was completed and signed by each participant. The findings reflected a 26% cumulative decrease in the pain index. During the same session each participant completed a Stick To Wellness evaluation form. A surprising 96% stated that they had used the Stick at work as directed. Use of the Stick at home drew an 88% positive response. A total of 69% stated they felt less tired and sore at the end of the work shift, and 72% stated they could better perform their job duties. Of the 98 respondents, 91% wanted to continue the Stick To Wellness program. As an added bonus, company records documented an increase in production to an all time high during the test period.


Compiled by RPI of Atlanta


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