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Special Treatment Pinpoints Shoulder

July 29, 2006

By Mike DeDoncker I’ve had a twinge in my right shoulder when bench pressing lately, but I wouldn’t say I have a problem. Or I wouldn’t have said so before fulfilling an assignment to visit Rockford chiropractor R .G. Hotchkiss, who wrote to the Register Star a couple of weeks ago commending a treatment he’s […]

Seasonal Muscle Soreness

July 27, 2006

As appears in Total Wellness Newsletter Remember how sore your arms get from the first bout of raking leaves in the fall or how stiff your back gets after shoveling snow following the first big storm. The scientific term for this form of muscle distress is delayed onset muscle soreness [DOMS]. It starts about eight […]

The Biomechanics of Muscle Nutrition

July 27, 2006

By Dr. Andrew S. Bonci Research Director for the Sport Biomechanics Laboratory The biomechanics of muscle nutrition expands our present understanding of high performance sports nutrition and muscle biomechanics. The research currently being done in nutritional biomechanics centers around biomechanical lesions in muscle called barrier trigger points. It is well established that barrier trigger points […]

Conquer Tennis Elbow

July 26, 2006

Tennis elbow is medically referred to as lateral epicondylitis. This condition relates to an inflammation of the tissues adjoining the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, being located on the outside portion of the elbow. The major site of inflammation is the tendon and its surrounding sheath. The hallmark of tendinitis is disruption and malalignment of […]

Modern Conditioning for the Informed Athlete

July 26, 2006

By Dr. Timothy J. Maggs Sports Science Specialist For anyone lucky enough to spend an hour in the New York Giants’ locker room, you quickly realize that they employ a new and unique method of conditioning. Without prior knowledge, you would be hard pressed to understand why muscular football players periodically grab this plastic rolling […]

Modulation of Muscle Pain and Tissue Compliance

July 26, 2006

Modulation of Muscle Pain and Tissue Compliance by Means of the ROM Device: [Intracell Stick]: Pilot Study / DOD By Andrew S. Bonci ABSTRACT Muscles that lack flexibility exhibit the following features. They lack compliance and resiliency and are more susceptible to injury and pain. Flexibility training is intended to maintain an adequate level of […]

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