ASR Manufacturing Company

June 25, 2009

Wellness Summary

The Profile

ASR Manufacturing Company is a Northern Georgia based manufacturer of trampolines. It’s work force is primarily middle-aged females who sit as well as stand at the various work sites. Priority muscle use is directed mainly to the upper limbs except for a small percentage that also use a foot pedal.

The Procedure

A 30 day Stick To Wellness program was instituted on August 18, 1997 following an in-service explaining concepts and protocols to the participating workers. A total number of 19 workers were selected by company officials. Participants were gathered from departments that historically have suffered with the most physical complaints. The McGill Pain Questionnaire was completed by each worker and the form contained no worker identification. Each worker was advised that they would be asked to complete an identical form at the end of the 30 day evaluation.

The Protocol

The ASR Company provided each worker an Industrial Intracell Stick to perform Stick To Wellness exercises. Due to convenience, the workers were unequally divided into two groups. Both groups had a company appointed team leader who mandated whole body Stick To Wellness exercises before the work shift commenced and, again, following the lunch break. Each session was timed at 5 minutes with the initial 3 minutes of each session directed to self-use. The final 2 minutes of each session was utilized as a “buddy system” with each worker assisting his/her partner for 1 minute each.

The Findings

On September 23, 1997 another McGill Pain Questionnaire was completed by each participant. The findings documented an 8% decrease of the initial pain rating index. At the same time a Stick To Wellness evaluation form was completed by each worker. The findings indicated that 100% of the group used the Stick at work as directed by the team leader. Only 84% stated that they used the Stick at home. A total of 42% said they felt less tired and sore following the day’s work, and 53% stated that they would like to have more time at work to use the Stick. A total of 79% wanted to continue the Stick To Wellness program.


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